My Understanding Long Sleeve

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Understanding is the process by which one comes to know the meaning or importance of things; the mental power by which knowledge is acquired.  The development of Spiritual Understanding is intuitive, and its process is derived from the quickening of the Holy Spirit within you. It does not come through the learning or experience of knowledge or intelligence. To gain Understanding you must actively invite and then allow the Holy Spirit to blossom forth within you.


Spiritualitees is focused on spreading a powerful message to inspire others to live a life of deeper purpose with a deeper connection to their spirituality. Our Christian Apparel is fashionable, made with high-quality material, and printed with durable, industry standard ink! We design our apparel to look fantastic for any occasion. We think it is important for you to feel great about wearing our products. We have some deeper meaning product, but we also carry simpler meaning products as well. Either way, we think you will really enjoy our products!