Youth Group & Church Fundraisers

Youth Group & Church Fundraisers

Youth Group Fundraisers

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Do you like the message of Spiritualitees? 

Do you like our Christian Apparel?

Do you want to help your youth group fundraise?

If so, our fundraising program is perfect! Our fundraisers are a great way to make money, kid-friendly, parent friendly, church friendly, and overall, just a great experience for everyone!

The Perks Of Our Fundraiser:

– $8 For Every Item Sold

– Absolutely $0 In Upfront Startup Fees

 Zero Administrative Or Tedious Work For You To Worry About

– Custom Apparel & Designs For Your Group

 Entries Into Our Family Trip To Disney World Giveaway

– And Much More!

How Do Our Fundraisers Work?

It's an extremely easy process to get started with us! Here's a quick summary:

First, we need you to schedule a quick, 15-minute chat with one of our reps using this link here:

Once your 3-week fundraiser is scheduled, we'll handle everything on our backend to get you ready which includes creating affiliate codes, creating custom designs on apparel & accessories, and ensuring you have a great promotion strategy in place to sell as many items as possible!

You'll receive $8 for every item sold during the fundraiser, so the more you sell the more you'll make.

During your fundraiser, you'll have a personal fundraising manager that is there to assist in every way possible to ensure the success of your fundraiser!

After your fundraiser, we will write the check to your church and schedule next year's fundraiser!


How to Get Started?

Schedule a 15-minute call here:

How Long Does the Fundraiser Last?

Our fundraisers last 3 weeks!

How Much Money Can We Make for Our Church/ Youth Group?

That is completely dependent on your church and youth group!

For each item of apparel your church sells from our site, you'll receive $8! Sell 150 items, and your church will receive $1,200. Sell 1,500 items, and your church will receive $12,000!

Does This Work with Any Church?

You bet!

Does It Matter Where Our Church is Located?

Not at all!

Can Our Custom Design Be Anything We Want?

For the most part, yes, however it will come down to the exact specifications of the image you want to use!

We can't wait to hear from you!