Welcome To Our Fundraising Program!

To Ensure Your Student Gets Credit For Your Purchase, You Must Use Their Personal Affiliate Code On The First Page of Checkout Under The Discount Code Section!


Shop Here –> Shop Christian Apparel 


Thank you for supporting your student during this fundraiser! For every item purchased, they will earn $8 for their school or church. Once again, this fundraiser is for any item purchased using their affiliate code! That means you could purchase a T-Shirt, Hoodie, and a Phone Case to raise $24 for the student! It really is that easy!


To find custom apparel for your organization, simply go to the search bar in the menu and type your organization's name [word for word] and click search!


Here Is The Process Once Again:

1) Find items that you like in our store

2) Add those items to your cart

3) Begin the checkout process by click on the cart in the top right corner of the screen

4) Under the discount code section, type your student's affiliate code

5) Complete the checkout process

6) Share with your other friends and family to help support the fundraiser


Shop Here –> Shop Christian Apparel