Interested In Fundraising with Spiritualitees For Your Christian School Or Youth Group?

We're on a mission to help every Youth Group and Christian School reach their fundraising goals every year!

This fundraising program we've created brings in an average of $5,500 for each one of our groups that participate. Plus, this fundraiser is something you are able to do every single year for your group and produce the same results!

Here Is A Brief Summary Of The Perks From Our Fundraiser:

– Your group gets $8 per item sold during the fundraiser!

– There is absolutely zero startup costs or fees associated with our fundraising program!

 We handle all of the administrative, tedious work for you! Plus, I will be your personal point of contact for anything and everything you need!

– We create Custom T-Shirt designs for your group!

– This will be the easiest, most profitable fundraiser your group has ever participated in!

 [THE BEST PERK] We have a prize pool that your participants will be entered into that includes a Free Family Trip to Disney World!

So, are you wondering how you can get this process started?

It's very simple...

You can either call our Director Of Fundraising, Kayli, at (330) 474-9277

Or, you can send me an email to her at

Or... Find the right link that applies to your group!

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