Chrisitan School Fundraisers

Chrisitan School Fundraisers

Our Chrisitan School Fundraisers Help Raise Money For Your Next Trip!

Do you like the message of Spiritualitees? 

Do you like our apparel?

Do you want to help your Chrisitan School Fundraise for Your Next Trip?

If so, we have the perfect thing for you! Our Chrisitan School Fundraisers are kid-friendly, youth group friendly, school friendly, and overall, just a great experience for everyone! Still interested? Scroll down on the page to find out more information.

How Do Our Fundraisers Work?

Here's a quick summary on how our Chrisitan School Fundraisers work!

You will contact Spiritualitees by filling out the contact form on the bottom of this page! After that, we will schedule a time that works best for your school to kick off your fundraiser (exciting stuff!). Our fundraisers typically last three weeks!

After we have your school scheduled to kick off your fundraiser, we will assign unique codes to be used by each one of the kids in the school. These codes allow us to track how many orders are placed with each child, and how much money overall to give to the school overall! It is very important that whenever a purchase is made that your unique code needs to be used on the checkout page.

Your school will also have the option to design custom shirts specific to your school!

When the fundraiser kicks off, it is up to your school to go out and sell as many T-Shirts and other apparel as possible! The more your school sells the more you make! For each item of clothing sold, the school will receive $8! Sell 500 items, and your Chrisitan School just earned $4,000! It's that simple. 

We also give prizes to the leading child in the school that sells the most, so make sure everyone tries their hardest!

After the successful fundraiser, we will write the check to your Chrisitan School, and we will go ahead and schedule the next year's fundraiser!

How to Get Started?

To get started on your Chrisitan School Fundraiser, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the contact form! After you fill out that form, a member of our team will assist you in answering any additional questions and getting started the process started for your school!

How Long Does the Fundraiser Last?

Our fundraisers typically last 3 weeks!

How Much Money Can We Make for Our Chrisitan School?

That is completely dependant on your school!

For each item of apparel your school sells from our site, the school will receive $8! Sell 150 items, and your school will receive $1,200. Sell 1,500 items from our site, and your school will receive $12,000!

Does This Work with Any School?

Yes! This fundraising program works with any school, and it can also work for Youth Groups as well! Interested in signing up your Youth Group for this fundraiser? Click this Link to go to the Youth Group Fundraiser page.

Does It Matter Where Our School is Located?

No! We ship nationwide, so whether you're in Florida, Ohio, California, Texas, or anywhere else, this fundraiser will work for your school!


We look forward to working with your school for your next fundraiser!