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Our Christian Apparel

Our Christian Apparel is fashionable, made with high-quality material, and printed with durable, industry standard ink! We design our apparel to look fantastic for any occasion. We think it is important for you to feel great about wearing our products. Our brand is centered around supplying our customers with deeper meaning apparel. We also have clothing that sends a simpler message as well!

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Interested In Participating In Our Fundraiser?

We offer fundraising programs for Christian Schools and Youth Groups with unlimited earning potential! To get more information head to our Fundraising page!

You can also go to our Youth Group Fundraisers page or our Christian Schools Fundraisers page to get more information about your specific fundraiser!


Their message is inspiring, the shirt & hoodie is great quality, and a portion of my purchase went to a great cause. Great way to spend my money!


I've never heard of Spiritualitees before, so I was skeptical when making my first purchase and signing up my orgnziation for a fundraiser. However, they exceeded all of my expectations! The print came out great, and I just love the messaging of the company!


My church participated in their fundraiser, and I have to say I was pleasantly surpirsed with both the quality of the clothing and how fast we received our products.


Our Mission

Spiritualitees is focused on spreading a powerful message to inspire others to live a life of deeper purpose with a deeper connection to their spirituality.

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